“Ieva Misevičiūtė’s quirkily unplacable blend of performance, circus, and dance, pleasing, sharp, and funny (…)” Catherine Wood, The Year in Performance, Best of 2015, Artforum, December 2015.

“A practicing clown in her youth, and later trained in various techniques such as Butoh, physical theater, dance, stand-up and every imaginable in-between, Misevičiūtė’s acts distort social characters and behaviours by imbuing them with animality, existential contortions, philosophical slapstick, and hallucinogenic cleverness.” – Natalia Valencia, 10 Up and Coming Artists From The Americas, Crash, December 2015

“Her particular brand of sorcery is hard to pin down, alternately suggesting Butoh, cabaret, calisthenics, an open mic night at a comedy club, or an exorcism. (...)

When the lights go out on Misevičiūtė, the audience is left in a similar pause, struggling to piece together what we’ve witnessed. Too slapstick to be genuine, too genuine to be satire, too unnerving to be empty-calorie entertainment (…) – Kate Sutton on Ieva’s Misevičiūtė’s Lord of Beef and Apricot Juice, Artforum; October 2015

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