APRICOT JUICE // KIRA NOVA from Performance Archive on Vimeo.

APRICOT JUICE, a performance and an exhibition of paintings at Studio Voltaire, London UK. April-June, 2015. Sanya Kantarovsky & Kira Nova

Read Review: http://artforum.com/slant/id=55548

Apricot Juice takes place around two distinct parts – a language and movement based performance by Nova and a group of five large-scale paintings by Kantarovsky. The exhibition departs from Mikhail Bulgakov’s enigmatic masterpiece novel The Master and Margarita, a narrative woven around a visit by the Devil to the aggressively atheist Soviet Union. Written between 1928 and the author’s death in 1940, the novel has become one of the most potent and critical works of Russian literature of the 20th century.

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